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ადამიანის უფლებათა საერთაშორისო დღის აღნიშვნას თბილისის ქუჩებში ახალი პროექტით ვაგრძელებთ. “გაიხედეფესვებს მიღმა, ისინი ამსხვრევენ იარაღს და ომის დასასრულს ზეიმობენ”. მურალი, თბილისში, ელექტროვერკისშენობაზე უნგრეთში მცხოვრებმა ბრაზილიელმა მხატვარმა ჯინო ბენტომ შექმნა.

იგი მინას-ჟერაისის (ბრაზილია) სახვითი ხელოვნების სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტის კურსდამთავრებულია მხატვრობისგანხრით.

ქუჩის მხატვრობით 2005 წლიდან არის დაკავებული და მისი ნახატების ხილვა ბრაზილიის ქალაქების გარდა,საფრანგეთში, პორტუგალიაში, ესპანეთში, უნგრეთში, რუმინეთში, ინგლისსა და სლოვენიაშიც შეგიძლიათ.

Truth Hounds Georgia მოხარულია რომ ჯინო ბენტოს ნახატი თბილისსაც დაამშვენებს.

ვიმედოვნებთ, რომ “Street Art for Human Rights” პროექტის დახმარებით ახალგაზრდები ადამიანის უფლებათასაკითხებით დაინტერესდებიან.

თბილისში ამერიკის შეერთებული შტატების საელჩოს მხარდაჭერითა და ქუჩის ხელოვნების ფესტივალ „ნიკოსთან“თანამშრომლობით, ჩვენი საყვარელი თბილისის ქუჩებში უფრო მეტ სიურპრიზს გპირდებით.



To continue Human Rights Day celebration we start to inform you about a new project on the streets of Tbilisi . “Look beyond the roots, break the weapons and celebrate the end of the war.” Work done at the Elektrowerk building in Tbilisi by Dinho Bento, Brazilian artist currently living in Hungary. He has graduated in Fine Arts from the Guignard School – UEMG (State University of Minas Gerais, Brazil), specializing in drawing and painting. Bento has been active in street art since 2005 and has already left cities in Brazil and in six other countries including France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Romania, England and Slovenia. Truth Hounds Georgia are happy to help works of Dinho Bento to appear in Tbilisi. Through this project we hope to attract attention of youth to human rights issues and invite them to express themselves. Thanks to the support of United States Embassy in Tbilisi and a partnership with Niko festival we will prepare for you more surprises on the streets of our lovely Tbilisi! More to follow.


Opinion from Tbilisi Shelter City: dreams come true


Tbilisi Shelter City conducted a fact-finding visit to the Ministry of Higher Professional Education. We want to share the impressions of one of the participants:

“…recently, Tbilisi Shelter City program participants visited the Ministry of Forcibly Displaced Persons from the occupied territories, refugees and resettlement in Georgia. They met with a number of high-ranking officials, heads of departments. We talked about the structure of the Ministry, about the types of assistance for immigrants and refugees. And all the time, as long as the meeting was going on, I felt real delight and amazement inside me. … Continue reading

“The regime will continue to attack, I will continue to tell the truth” – Turkmenistan human rights defender Soltan. Tbilisi Shelter City


Soltan worked as an accountant in Turkmenistan for 30 years. 30 years of work, four adult children, no prerequisites for a new profession. However, the events forced her to seek justice on Radio Liberty: on one terrible day, local government destroyed two houses, where her family lived without cause and any compensation. In search of justice, Soltan tried to tell her story to journalists, authorities, the general public… But she found no response and no compensation was achieved.
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Truth Hounds’ voices from Tbilisi Shelter City


Do you know that 8,000 families from Ossetia and Abkhazia have received housing from the Georgian government in recent years?

On Friday, October 27, Tbilisi Shelter hosted an educational day dedicated to the problems of refugees and internally displaced persons. As part of the exchange of experience, a meeting of Shelter participants with representatives of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia was held. At a fruitful and very informative meeting, they discussed issues of IDPs in Georgia, integration of refugees, assistance to eco-migrants within the country.

… Continue reading

Welcome on Truth Hounds Georgia news-page


Truth Hounds Georgia is a human rights organization working on security and protection of human rights defenders. Since 2016 we are managing Tbilisi Shelter City that supports human rights defenders from Central Asia, Russia, Belarus and other countries of the region. We provide them with safe space for work and rehabilitation, offer conditions for physical and psychological rehabilitation, help to strengthen capacity of human rights defenders and develop the support network for HRDs through organization of seminars, workshops and meetings.
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