Truth Hounds presented evidence of Crimean Tatars’ culture destruction at OSCE conferention


How Russian imperialism blurs and dissolves cultural identity of the Tatars on the annexed Crimean peninsula? This is what Truth Hounds spoke about at the international Human Dimension Implementation Meeting on September 13, 2018.

De jure the Russian Federation is not an empire. However its state policy bears multiple signs of imperialism: expansion of territories, use of force, replacement subordinate peoples’ culture the dominant one.

Famous Bakhchisaray Palace, one of the largest Muslim palaces in Europe, became one of the hostages of the Pan-Russian cultural expansion after the Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. Under the guise of restoration, it is now transformed into a tourist attraction. Into form without contents. Into a memorial without memory. Perhaps this is the best example of the exploitation and destruction of the Crimean Tatars’ cultural memory. But not the only one.

At the HDIM we also talked about religious oppression of Crimea’s local communities, disappearance and murder of people, illegal detention, illegal appropriation of property. We do not know how soon the perpetrators will be brought to justice. But we are 100% sure that in the future they will definitely come to trial. And then information like this will help to restore justice.

The information was collected during field missions in Crimea.
Our partners take also took part in the events are IPHR, Crimea, Civic Solidarity Platform.