Opinion from Tbilisi Shelter City: dreams come true


Tbilisi Shelter City conducted a fact-finding visit to the Ministry of Higher Professional Education. We want to share the impressions of one of the participants:

“…recently, Tbilisi Shelter City program participants visited the Ministry of Forcibly Displaced Persons from the occupied territories, refugees and resettlement in Georgia. They met with a number of high-ranking officials, heads of departments. We talked about the structure of the Ministry, about the types of assistance for immigrants and refugees. And all the time, as long as the meeting was going on, I felt real delight and amazement inside me. … Continue reading

“The regime will continue to attack, I will continue to tell the truth” – Turkmenistan human rights defender Soltan. Tbilisi Shelter City


Soltan worked as an accountant in Turkmenistan for 30 years. 30 years of work, four adult children, no prerequisites for a new profession. However, the events forced her to seek justice on Radio Liberty: on one terrible day, local government destroyed two houses, where her family lived without cause and any compensation. In search of justice, Soltan tried to tell her story to journalists, authorities, the general public… But she found no response and no compensation was achieved.
… Continue reading