Attacks on civilians in Motyzhyn, Kopyliv, and Severynivka, Ukraine, – report


The new report by International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR), Truth Hounds, and Global Diligence LLP sets out evidence of war crimes committed by the Russian armed forces in three localities on the western outskirts of Kyiv between 27 February and early April 2022 — Motyzhyn, Kopyliv and Severynivka.

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Annual Report. 2022


Once we decided to follow this path - to hunt for the truth, and chase the perpetrators. And now, on a regular basis, we conduct field missions, gather evidence, investigate, do OSINT, and do a lot of other different work, following our aim to establish justice for those who suffered from war crimes.

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War Crimes: an Investigative Methodology for NGOs


This reference book is intended to help representatives of NGOs documenting war crimes respond to armed conflict. In addition, it will help organisations interested in promoting the investigation of war crimes committed in Ukraine while working in foreign jurisdictions, based on the principle of universal jurisdiction.

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Armoury, Prison, Graveyard: Mariupol Regional Intensive Care Hospital under Russian occupation


Truth Hounds, International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) and Global Diligence LLP. presents the report “Armoury, Prison, Graveyard: Mariupol Regional Intensive Care Hospital under Russian occupation”. Mariupol is a strategic port city in south-eastern Ukraine, with a pre-war population of around 400 000. Mariupol was under Russian siege from 2 March to mid-May 2022, when...

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Who’s next in the dead line? Finding responsible for killing people queueing for a bread in Chernigiv


The Russian troops brought civilians and civil infrastructure of the city of Chernihiv under artillery fire on March 16, 2022 at approximately 9 am (10 am according to the official investigators).

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Unlawful confinement and torture in Dymer, Kozarovychi, and Katyuzhanka, Ukraine


Dymer is a small settlement located 50 km to the north of Kyiv. Its pre-war population was approximately 6 000 people. Kozarovychi is an even smaller settlement of around 2 000 people, located 5 km south of Dymer. Both settlements are located in Vyshhorod Raion, which borders the city of Kyiv to the south and...

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A Calibrated Crime


Read the Report PDF (open in the new tab) Truth Hounds is a team of experienced human rights professionals that has been working on documenting war crimes and crimes against humanity in the war contexts since 2014. We aim at fighting against the impunity of perpetrators of international crimes and grave human rights violations through...

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2 June – 30 June 2022


Russian occupying forces continue a massive grain theft campaign in southern and eastern occupied Ukrainian territories having already stolen 400 tons of grain. There are new credible reports of at least 1 million 200 thousands Ukrainians forcefully displaced to Russia from occupied Ukrainian territories and 20 Russian filtration camps and de-facto prisons for displaced Ukrainians...

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Analytical Report. 19 May – 1 June 2022


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War crimes 05/05 – 18/05


During the reporting period, Russian occupying forces continued the mass theft of grain and other foodstuffs in the oblasts of Kherson, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhzhia. There were fresh reports of hundreds of dead civilians buried by Russian soldiers in mass graves near Mariupol. In Mariupol, Russian forces blocked the evacuation of circa 600 wounded Ukrainian soldiers...

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War Crimes. 04.21 – 05.04


During the reporting period, occupying Russian forces destroyed a number of grain stockpiles and began the mass theft of grain in the occupied parts of the oblasts of Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia, depriving local populations of essential food supplies and impeding the sowing of the next year’s crops. There are credible reports of large...

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Your own worst enemy


This is a brief overview of the political and legal documents of the Russian Armed Forces which show a certain level of pre-programming of the Russian military towards possible violations of IHL.

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