The Bygone Song

«Ашӯлаи кӯтоҳ» // «Минуща пісня» (‘The Bygone Song’) is a collaboration of a composer from Tajikistan, Shohin Qurbonov and a human rights defender from Ukraine, Halyna Vrublevskaya. In the world of information, the war exists mostly as stories of politicians and the military. The project authors disagree. They believe that the main characters of every …

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Interview with Lex Titova

The ARTIФ team had spoken to Lex Titova, an amateur artist from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Lex works with various social topics that are on daily agenda in her country. Right now, she is creating illustrations for several projects concerning domestic violence. Lex took part in the first workshop by ARTIФ where in collaboration with a human …

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Gender Z

This time we’ve spoken to Kostiantyn Andrieiev — a Community Centre Coordinator of a Zaporizhzhia-based NGO Gender Z. The organisation works with topics of sexual orientation and gender identity, overcoming stigma in relation to the LGBT people, gender equality, women’s rights and overcoming gender stereotypes. Which projects or campaigns that Gender Z has showed the …

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Interview with Anastasia Sokolovskaya

We’ve spoken to a Minsk-based illustrator Stasia Sokolovskaya who creates visuals for children’s’ books and some books of Belorussian authors. Stasia’s works got included in the international illustration catalogue the Fantastic Illustrations. In the framework of ARTIФ Stasia worked on the concept of an app for those experiencing domestic violence in rural Kyrgyzstan in collaboration …

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Interview with Alena Grom

Sasha from ARTIФ has spoken to a Kyiv-based photographer Alena Grom working on the crossroads of conceptual photography and social reporting. Alena covers the topics of the routine in the conflict-affected area in Eastern Ukraine, the life at the frontline, as well as life of immigrants and refugees. Hi, Alena! Could you kindly introduce your …

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