Culture, annexed: New report describes dire situation with historical heritage of Crimean Tatars

The reports’ name Under the Russian heel and trowel speaks for itself. Tatar culture is now completely controlled by Russia that in 2014 annexed their land, part of Ukrainian territorн. Morever Russia dramatical rebuilds, alters and changes Tatar cultural sites, depriving them of their historical memory.

The report presents the cases of what may be called cultural cleansings in Crimea. It reveals how the cultural identity of Crimean Tatars is being erased. Moreover, the report shows that the diverse history of the Peninsula is being substituted by the history with the explicit pro-Russian narratives. The named phenomena may be qualified as the manifestations of the crime against humanity in the form of persecution.

The report was made in collaboration with NGOs: CrimeaSOS, IPHR, Civic Solidarity Platform.

Download report Under the Russian heel and trowel here