Evidence of war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law committed by the Russian Federation during its campaign of military aggression against Ukraine: 22 March – 5 April 2022


Russian forces have continued their invasion of Ukraine; shelling and destroying Ukrainian cities, torturing, raping, and killing hundreds of civilians; and forcibly transferring local residents.
During the reporting period, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation committed the following war crimes and serious violations of international humanitarian law (hereinafter referred to as IHL):

(1) Torture and willful killing; 

(2) sexual violence; 

(3) unlawful attacks on civilians;

(4) attacks on civilian objects; 

(5) attacks on specially protected objects; 

(6) impeding access to humanitarian aid; 

(7) forcible transfer of civilians; 

(8) pillage and seizure of property; 

(9) use of human shields; and 

(10) attacks that cause severe damage to the natural environment.

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