New report describing children’s rights violations in Gali district of Abkhazia.

The latest report of the Truth Hounds illustrates the situation with the children’s rights violations in Gali, predominantly ethnic Georgian district of occupied Abkhazia.

Gali is the closest district to the borderline between occupied Abkhazia and Georgian controlled territory and every new regulation connected to border closure or oppression of Georgian language made by Russian-backed Abkhaz authorities poses huge negative impact on people’s life. The Report focuses on complicated and limited access to right to education in one’s native language, health and medical service issues, illegal detentions which are part of every day life for children living in Gali and draws general picture of children’s rights violations there. The report “No Future Land: Violation of Children’s Rights in Gali District” is based on date gathered by Truth Hounds during three filed missions and desk research in 2018.


Please see the report here