Conference “International Criminal Justice Cascade: from the International Criminal Court to the National Courts and Back”


Let us present a compilation of participants’ lectures of the conference “International Criminal Justice Cascade: from the International Criminal Court to the National Courts and Back” which took place on May 17-18, 2019 in Kyiv.    This compilation includes thesis on relevant issues of interaction of national and international jurisdiction, principle of complementarity in the...

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Truth Hounds urges President of Ukraine to initiate ratification of Rome Statute


The Coalition for the ICC and its members sent a letter to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, calling for prompt ratification of the ICC Rome Statute and commitment to fight impunity domestically.   Signatory organizations: Advocacy Advisory Panel (AAP), Ukraine Amnesty International Center for Civil Liberties (CCL), Ukraine Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) Human Rights...

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The ninety-sixth Truth Hounds field mission has returned from the fields of Luhansk


What made this mission unusual? The fact that 75% consisted of girls? What can we say – the houndesses rule! In this mission they interviewed a record number of witnesses: exactly 40 people shared their stories. These stories are all about the pain of war – the loss of relatives, forced evictions, the destruction of...

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Cooperation with state authorities got a new impetus


The Truth Hounds gave workshops for prosecutors and investigators of Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, including Crimean Prosecutor’s Office and Kharkiv military prosecutor’s office of Joint Forces Operation. The workshops took place on July 15 in Kyiv and on July 17 in Kharkiv, 2019. Our lecturers provide international humanitarian law basics, its interpretation...

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Truth Hounds held an international conference “International Criminal Justice Cascade: From the ICC to the National Courts and Back”


On May 17-18, 2019, the Truth Hounds held an international conference “International Criminal Justice Cascade: From the ICC to the National Courts and Back” at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. The conference was a vivid example of the harmonic combination of theory, presented by leading scientists of Ukraine and Europe, and of practices, presented...

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Truth Hounds stand with Crimean Solidarity movement that is beeing opressed by Russia


It is for the first time that the Russian Federation began mass political repressions of the Crimean Tatars on the annexed Ukrainian territory. The FSB security forces arrested 24 residents of Simferopol on March 27, 2019, with numerous procedure violations. Truth Hounds demand that the peninsula’s occupying authority must release the hostages. We express our...

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We open a new page of cooperation with state authorities


The Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea signed a memorandum of cooperation with Truth Hounds to solve by joint efforts issues related to the documentation of war crimes during the occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula. We plan to jointly organize conferences and briefings, discussions and coverage of political persecution and human rights violations...

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Berlin Autumn Meetings 2018


On November 15, head of the organization “Truth Hounds” Svitlana Valko attended the conference “Berlin Autumn Meetings 2018” at the Berlin City Hall, where at the panel “The law and justice in the post-conflict societies? – European experience and perspectives “, told about the violation of the rights of children in Gali. 15 ნოემბერს, ორგანიზაცია...

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Truth Hounds presented evidence of Crimean Tatars’ culture destruction at OSCE conferention


How Russian imperialism blurs and dissolves cultural identity of the Tatars on the annexed Crimean peninsula? This is what Truth Hounds spoke about at the international Human Dimension Implementation Meeting on September 13, 2018. De jure the Russian Federation is not an empire. However its state policy bears multiple signs of imperialism: expansion of territories,...

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Environmental war crimes is a new direction for Truth Hounds


Whatever the goals a war has, it should not harm the civilians and protected objects. And it should not harm environment either. No crime against nature caused by the war in eastern Ukraine should go unpunished. For this reason Truth Hounds and NED have started pilot project on documenting environmental war crimes.

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The 3rd report for the International Criminal Court


3 years of evidence gathering in Eastern Ukraine 3rd report on war crimes for the ISS 1 minute of high-quality video about Truth Hounds’ work  

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Five million people came to know about evidence of war crimes that Truth Hounds has gathered in eastern Ukraine


Complete and reliable information on war crimes that take place in combat zone of Eastern Ukraine has recently become publicly available owing to Truth Hounds’ work. Before that related information was often distorted, some facts were ignored, others exaggerated. For years the subject was used for fake news. Having conveyed the report Attacks on Civilians...

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