Our projects

During Feb 2019 – March 2020 Truth Hounds have been carrying out the project “Monitoring and
documenting human rights violations” funded by NED in amount of 52 000 USD. During that period
Truth Hounds will have conducted 10 field monitoring missions to Donbas having spent in war zone 60
days total. By the date of preparing this assessment we have conducted seven field missions and collected
not less than 200 interviews with victims and witnesses of war crimes and other human rights violations.
And gathered hundreds of photos, videos and other evidence.
NDI through Freedom House Ukraine “Monitoring and documentation of attacks on civic activists”
with 16 800 USD funding in 2019. The task was create a network of regional monitors for documenting
attacks on human rights defenders and civic activists.
Norwegian Helsinki Committee. “Strengthening analytical work and systematising evidence
collected” project with 17 400 USD funding in 2020. In frames of the project we incorporate
theCaseMatrix data base for systematising evidence collected, build linkage and investigate individuals
responsible for committing war crimes on Donbas.
Netherlands human rights fund. “Protecting the right to life and safety of civilians in Eastern
Ukraine” project with 81 000 USD in 2019-2020. The role is in partnership with the Geneva Call Ukraine
NGO conduct a series if training on International humanitarian law for communities on Donbas. Fasilitate
dialogue between combatants and civilian citizens. Truth Hounds will also conduct 8 (eight) field
documenting missions during 2020.

DRL through Freedom House Ukraine. “Investigating hate-motivated crimes in Ukraine” with 60
000 USD in 2020-2021. The role oh the Truth Hounds in the project is establishing a unified system for
documenting hate-motivated violence, training the community partners and documenting and analyzing
hate-motivated crimes.