Our Team


Svitlana Valko

Head of the Board. The Truth Hounds Office Director in Georgia, field mission manager in IPHR-Truth Hounds in Ukraine for a long period of time. The qualified coach on human rights, advocacy coordinator of the Truth Hounds. For more than 8 years Svitlana has been coordinating the various projects in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Simon Papuashvili

International human rights specialist, international lawyer. Actively promotes human rights in his native South Caucasus region since 2001. From 2004 to 2006 he worked in the Georgian government on various positions, including the coordination of the prison system reform (2004 - 2005). Was engaged in documentation of human rights violations committed during the armed conflict between Russia and Georgia.

Olexandra Delemenchuk

Olexandra is an experienced human rights activist and co-founder of the Tbilisi City Shelter, safety coach in the organization Frontline defenders, adviser in the organization Center for Participation and Development, and advocacy specialist at the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on Human Rights.

Aage Borchgrevink

Senior Advisor in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Has a Master's degree in literature and is the author of several books, including “The Invisible War” about Chechnya.

Alex Prezanti - photo

Alex Prezanti

Alex Prezanti is a partner in Global Diligence and a legal adviser specialising in international criminal law and human rights. Alex provides legal advice and assistance to individuals, non-governmental organisations and public authorities on human rights and international criminal law, sanctions and universal jurisdiction mechanism. He specialises in evidential analysis in large complex cases, legal drafting and strategic litigation.

Yaropolk Brynykh

Co-founder of Truth Hounds, war crimes documentor, representative of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative in Ukraine, member of the Sakharov international Human Rights group. Since 2014 he has been working with war crimes and crimes against humanity, public oversight of security services, freedom of assembly and freedom of expression, minority rights, etc.

Roman Avramenko

Executive director at the Truth Hounds. Experienced documentor. Has particpated in more than 60 field monitoring missions to conflict zones in Ukraine and abroad.

Field Team

Taking into account that our team works in zones that are risky for life and health of human rights activities, faces of members of the Truth Hounds’ field team were slightly changed.


The head of the field missions documentators of the Truth Hounds.


Communication specialist, documentator of the field mission of the Truth Hounds.


The analyst, documentator of the field mission of the Truth Hounds.



Researcher, psychologist, documentator of the field mission of the Truth Hounds.


Psychologist, documentator of the field mission of the Truth Hounds.


The researcher, documentator of the field mission of the Truth Hounds.


Truth Hounds’ International law specialist, documentator of the field mission of the Truth Hounds.


Truth Hounds’ translator.



Our designer, artist, creative mind and man of taste.


The eighth

Spy master, field mission documentator, writer. Despite the appearance he is poetic and kind hearted.



Our freshman with experience of two masters. Small but dangerous. Top gun of documents circulation and skillful war crimes documentor.


Georgian Drama Hound. Communication specialist, MA in Human Rights, "art in human rights" promoter.



Documentary with a musical heart and a sense of spaniel humor.



Researcher, analyst and attentive hound.



Field missionary documentary, analyst. Listens and writes stories.



Truth Hounds Field Mission Documentary.



The researcher, documentator of the field mission of the Truth Hounds.

* – All photos are from open source. Our team is grateful to their authors and, if they respond, will be happy to link to them.