After quinquenium of war in Ukraine we published new report about war crimes

After five years the war in Ukraine is no more on foreign newspapers’ front pages. The topic is disappearing from international agendas. It may seem that the world distances itself from the uneasy, distressful and continuously unresolved problem. But the war didn’t cease. Civilians are being killed and injured right at this moment. The war is still here, right in Europe. Truth Hounds’ report contains proves of war crimes committed during the last 12 months.

Now, after five years it is time to decide what are the priorities of European countries. Whether these are resuming of trade bonds with Russian Federation, who keeps supplying anti-government groups in Eastern Ukraine with munition, military officers, machinery; who keeps causing mass and grave human rights violations? Or these are human rights themselves after all?

Report prepared with support of the International Renaissance Foundation and National Endowment for Democracy.

Download the report here.