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Our new year begins with a new series of training courses

This time we hold for civilians from the frontline villages. Together with our colleagues from Geneva Call NGO, we held our first meeting in Zaitseve village, where we spoke about the rules of war and the rights of civilians during the armed conflict. We are glad that not only local activists but also CIMIC representatives

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Truth Hounds launches its first university course!

Now it’s official: the training course on International Criminal Law will be hosted by Український католицький університет UCuniversity this academic year. Our colleague Дмитро Коваль (Dmytro Koval) is among the authors of the course. The International Criminal Law course will provide law students with knowledge to navigate in peculiarities of prosecuting war crimes in connection

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We’ve got an achievement

Truth Hounds became the first and the only Ukrainian HRD- organization to carry out 100 field missions to document war crimes.At this moment alongside the contact line in Ukraine, our field team is hunting for the information about war crimes for the 100th time.It is a record we are proud of. It is the result

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Conference “International Criminal Justice Cascade: from the International Criminal Court to the National Courts and Back”

Let us present a compilation of participants’ lectures of the conference “International Criminal Justice Cascade: from the International Criminal Court to the National Courts and Back” which took place on May 17-18, 2019 in Kyiv.    This compilation includes thesis on relevant issues of interaction of national and international jurisdiction, principle of complementarity in the

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Recently Reports

Persecution of Activists in 2019: A General Organization Report

Human rights activists say that public awareness of the dangers of public activism in Ukraine has increased significantly in 2019, following the death of Kateryna Gandziuk. A poll conducted by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Fund in November 2019 found that 84% of Ukrainians consider attacks on civic activists a serious problem, while 77% consider

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We’ve published a report about persecution of civic activists in Crimea

Incriminate without any proofs. Demonstrate power to silence the truth. Stigmatize as terrorists to isolate from the rest of society. This is how the occupation regime in Crimea seeks to eliminate the human rights association Crimean solidarity. Numerous Russian Federation’s offences against the Crimean Tatar activists and against this ethnic group, in general, are described

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