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Annual Report. 2022

Once we decided to follow this path – to hunt for the truth, and chase the perpetrators. And now, on a regular basis, we conduct field missions, gather evidence, investigate, do OSINT, and do a lot of other different work, following our aim to establish justice for those who suffered from war crimes.

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On the use of anti-personnel mines

Landmines of indiscriminate nature have always posed a particular threat to civilians during armed conflicts. Realizing this, civilized societies more than three decades ago started a global movement to abandon their use.

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War Crimes: an Investigative Methodology for NGOs

This reference book is intended to help representatives of NGOs documenting war crimes respond to armed conflict. In addition, it will help organisations interested in promoting the investigation of war crimes committed in Ukraine while working in foreign jurisdictions, based on the principle of universal jurisdiction.

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A Calibrated Crime

Read the Report PDF (open in the new tab) Truth Hounds is a team of experienced human rights professionals that has been working on documenting…

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