The ninety-sixth Truth Hounds field mission has returned from the fields of Luhansk

What made this mission unusual? The fact that 75% consisted of girls? What can we say – the houndesses rule! In this mission they interviewed a record number of witnesses: exactly 40 people shared their stories. These stories are all about the pain of war – the loss of relatives, forced evictions, the destruction of homes and life under fire. They are about how difficult it is to find a new home for people with a dog who has become a family member. About how the streets of the haunted ghost town, Stakhanovets, were busy and noisy once. About how in Zolote-4 children study under shelling. About how separatists occupy the homes of the residents of the small Vil`nyi, giving families half an hour to take all the stuff and leave and threatening to be shot. Everything is listened to and documented. Everything will be properly transmitted to the ICC Prosecutor’s Office and Ukrainian investigative bodies as evidences of war crimes against civilians.

In the meantime, we’re going to the field again. Cause the first-hand information is the most truthful one.