The Truth Hounds’ team has launched the organization’s webpage


After the years of secret documentation of war crimes, prowling in hot and dangerous spots, hundreds of interviewed victims and gigabytes of collected evidence, the Truth Hounds team came out of the shadows and launched its website.

On this page you can find real stories from the fields of Donbas, view videos and photos of our work in conflict regions and learn more about us as well as about our activities. But all this will be a bit later.

For now we invite you to get to know us a bit better.

The Ukrainian team of Truth Hounds’ has spent more than 60 weeks at Donbas and Crimea. Specialists on documentation of shelling, torture, murders and inhuman treatment have been collecting data that is supposed to help fight the impunity of perpetrators for 15 full months of their lives. You can get acquainted with our documenters as well as experienced Board on this page.

By writing our reports, we make every effort to deliver the facts that we have gathered in the most accurate manner. We do not use imagination, gossip and manipulation. By having a clear field research methodology, multilevel approaches to the data validation and analytics, we are always confident in the work that we perform. Our reports can be read on this page.

The Truth Hounds’ are striving to continue their work, as long as the fight against impunity is the only way to stop perpetrators. Only an understanding of the fact that the crimes will be punished may reduce the danger of their commitment. Therefore, we are constantly working on the completion of projects and are looking for opportunities for the implementation of new ideas. You can learn about our current affairs on this page.