Truth Hounds launches its first university course!

Now it’s official: the training course on International Criminal Law will be hosted by Український католицький університет UCuniversity this academic year. Our colleague Дмитро Коваль (Dmytro Koval) is among the authors of the course. The International Criminal Law course will provide law students with knowledge to navigate in peculiarities of prosecuting war crimes in connection with the armed conflict in Ukraine. Among the topics of the course:
➡️What are serious violations of international humanitarian law;
➡️Are the higher officials of states protected by immunity in case of their committing international crimes;
➡️How national and international jurisdictions interact in the prosecution of international crimes: a case study on the example of Ukraine.

High attention will be paid to the topic of war crimes, their correct qualifications and the collection of evidence, where the unique experience of Truth Hounds documenting these crimes will be useful.
We are grateful to the UCU administrations for the opportunity to contribute to the formation of international law professionals, which is in dire need now.
The course was developed within the framework of the project “Civil Society for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine” funded by UNDP Ukraine / ПРООН в Україні.
Photo: presentation of the course to law students at UCU.