Where we work


The Truth Hounds’ team in Ukraine documents war crimes and crimes against humanity in Luhansk and Donetsk regions as well as violations of international humanitarian law in the occupied Crimea in order to secure the fight against the  impunity of perpetrators and offenders. Organization’s monitors are also involved in tracking of violations during protests.


Truth Hounds, together with its partners, is implementing an important for the post-Soviet region Tbilisi Shelter City project, which aims to help human rights activists. People who work in risky conditions have the opportunity to get help in the Tbilisi Shelter city and regain strength to continue their activities. The team also conducts monitoring of protests in the country and keeps the track of the consequences of war for the country.

The Truth Hounds’ team, within the framework of the Civic Solidarity Platform and in cooperation with the International Partnership for Human Rights conducts monitoring of the protests and persecutions of journalists and human rights activists in the country, and documents violations in accordance with international standards.

Representatives of the organization monitor the human rights situation in the country and document violations of rights during large-scale events. The Truth Hounds’ specialists have been recording all violations during the 2017 demonstrations.