Violation of Children’s Rights in Gali District

As for the time of the publication of this report, the people living in Gali are lacking the opportunity to cross the demarcation line without restrictions, they become victims of arbitrary detentions and illegal imprisonment, have limited accessibility to health services and are forced to apply for an “Abkhazian Passports” to get to work, to travel within and out of the region, etc.

During the occupation

This report focuses on the right to education in native language, freedom of movement (detention of minors), right of children to life and health, and socio-economic situation in Gali, the southernmost district of Georgian region of Abkhazia where, predominantly, ethnic Georgians have settled. The facts that this report refers to, occurred after the administrative border closures in 2016-2017.
Abkhazia as well as another region Tskhinvali/South Ossetia has been occupied by Russian Federation for 25 years now. People living in occupied territories are facing several human rights violations including arbitrary detentions, restrictions of the freedom of movement, lack of proper protective mechanisms, limited access to services, ethnic discrimination and suppression of Georgian identity.
“Russification” policy encompasses the prohibition of studying and communicating in the native language, low quality of education, ethnic discrimination and
suppression of Georgian identity, war propaganda, dishonest treatment, problems connected to official documentation, low quality and limited accessibility and availability of health services, detention of minors etc. These are the issues children face on a daily basis in Gali district.

This is a film about freedom and about dreams

The dreams of a 15 years old boy called Nika living on occupied territory in Georgia. A territory encircled by an imagined border. Where law has nothing to do. He is eager for liberty and more time to spent with his friends living on the other side of the border. Story follows his day from crossing border using bypass and spending few hours with his friends to going back to his harsh reality.


Our heros - video


People and territory

Russian occupation forces continue to mark the boundary line with artificial
barriers on a daily basis resulting in major implications on the inhabitants’ freedom
of movement. Consequently, inhabitants of Gali become deprived of access to
qualitative medical and educational facilities situated on the Georgian-controlled
territories. Simultaneously, authorities of Abkhazia enforce the regulation that
further limits the use of Georgian language at Gali schools and study of Georgian
history. Such moves are intended to eliminate the Georgian identity of the
residents in Gali.