Opinion from Tbilisi Shelter City: dreams come true

Tbilisi Shelter City conducted a fact-finding visit to the Ministry of Higher Professional Education. We want to share the impressions of one of the participants:

“…recently, Tbilisi Shelter City program participants visited the Ministry of Forcibly Displaced Persons from the occupied territories, refugees and resettlement in Georgia. They met with a number of high-ranking officials, heads of departments. We talked about the structure of the Ministry, about the types of assistance for immigrants and refugees. And all the time, as long as the meeting was going on, I felt real delight and amazement inside me. There were so many thoughts: “I wonder in what year my country will be able to adopt such an experience?” Having pondered, I did not notice how the interaction with non-governmental organizations began to be discussed at the table. I began to listen more carefully. It turned out that since the state took over the financing of assistance to refugees from the budget of Georgia, tenders are regularly held for NGOs to provide such services. However, it was not only thing that amazed me. I quote: “And how can we be without an NGO? The Ministry cannot provide us with all these services for integration and rehabilitation, and cannot work anywhere on the spots. For many years, NGOs have been doing this kind of work, they will get better. Besides, it’ i much better for us to hire an NGOs and demand a report from them, than vice versa let them only control our work?”

Gods! These words, such inspirational, such… I began to smile so much, I realized that this is possible not only in Western European countries but also in more real ones, similar to mine. And this is not a dream, it can be real, this is the interaction of NGOs and state bodies.

This meeting inspired me to continue doing what I do. On my return, I will continue to try to convey to the state that NGOs are helping, not hindering the work of the government. I am confident that I will live in time when the society and state of my country will begin to take full participation in the protection of human rights. I believe in it!…”