Members of the organization, their rights and responsibilities

1. Membership in the Organization is voluntary.
2. Members of the Organization can be citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and persons without citizenship residing in Ukraine on legal grounds, who reached 18 years and support the goals and objectives of the Organization and recognize this Statute.
3. Admission to the membership of the Organization is carried out on the basis of a written application. The application is reviewed by the Board, which makes decisions in accordance with the Statute of the Organization.
4. Members of the organization are entitled to:
– elect and be elected to the Organization management bodies, to participate in all events organized by the Organization ;
– participate in the plenary and provisional commissions established by the decision of the competent bodies of the Organization;
– apply to the bodies of the Organization with requests and proposals on issues related to the activities of the Organization, to receive responses;
– appeal decisions, actions or inactions of the governing bodies of the Organization, to make application, objections and complaints against their decisions to the Board and to require consideration of complaints and petitions at the General meeting;
– apply to the bodies of the Organization for help in the protection of their rights and legitimate interests;
5. Participants of the Organization are obliged:
– comply with the provisions of the Statute of the Organization;
– carry out orders of the governing bodies of the Organization;
– pay membership and regular fees, the amount and procedure of payment of which are determined by the decision of the Board of the Organization;
– facilitate the implementation of the objectives of the Organization;
– participate in events held by the Organization.
6. The membership of the Organization may be terminated in the following cases:
– withdrawal from the Organization based on member’s own will;
– exclusion from the Organization based on the decision of the Board as a result of violations of the requirements of this Statute, or if the actions of a member contradict to goals and objectives of the Organization, or if a member has lost the communication with the Organization without the acceptable excuse or for a systematic failure to pay membership fees.

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