Tbilisi Shelter City live: surprising see-through glass walls to prevent torture

It’s not a surprising that many of our Tbilisi Shelter participants arriving to Georgia from other countries of the region have a lack of trust to police. What they see in Georgia comes as a great surprise:

“While walking down a busy main road in Tbilisi, I noticed this huge, bright building with a glass façade. My first thought was: “Oh, that’s a nice looking supermarket.” I had passed this building many times, until I finally realized, that it is in fact a Police station. A Police station! Can you imagine? In Kazakhstan, Police stations look like the Pentagon and are guarded like Fort Knox. Grey concrete walls with barbed wire on top and checkpoints at the entrance. Here, in Tbilisi, it’s accessible for everyone and no one needs their documentation, unlike in Kazakhstan, where you need it just to enter the premise. This is Georgian symbolism in a nutshell, see-through glass walls to prevent torture. It really works.”