Establishing justice for the victims of international crimes and their prevention

We work so that

The national law enforcement bodies better investigate war and other international crimes committed in Ukraine.

The persons who committed war and other international crimes in Ukraine are brought to national and international justice.

War crimes victims have an opportunity to give evidence.

These three goals stem from 9 years of experience in documenting and investigating international crimes and serious human rights violations, committed in the context of armed conflict in Ukraine and other regions of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia affected by conflicts.



Since February 24, 2022 we have been daily monitoring open sources for events and registering the event that might contain signs of war crimes.

So far, we have recorded


such incidents.

Фото зроблене документаторами Truth Hounds при обстеженні покинутих позицій російських військових на території Високопільської центральної районної лікарні.

Фото: Truth Hounds



We carry out field missions to collect evidence of international crimes and serious human rights violations, committed in the context of armed conflict in Ukraine and other regions of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia affected by conflicts.

Документатори Truth Hounds та IPHR у спільній місії Чернігівщиною опитують свідка із села Петрушин.

Фото: Daniel Rosenthal

We had over


such missions since 2014.

While documenting we make sure that the ‘probativeness’ of evidence is preserved, so that later it`s not rejected due to irregularities in the evidence-collecting.

Документатори Truth Hounds опитують свідкиню розстрілу цивільної автівки біля російського блокпосту у селі Терехівка на Чернігівщині.

Фото: Daniel Rosenthal


We look for probable war criminals, based on the eyewitness and victim evidence from the field missions, open data and OSINT.

eyewitness and victim evidence



This combination allows for greater accuracy of conclusions and makes a strong case for investigations and future trials.

We investigated


potential war crimes.

Відредагований війною промисел місцевого мешканця деокупованого села Потьомкине на Херсонщині. Чоловік збирає залишки снарядів, густо розсипаних територією, аби здати їх як брухт.

Фото: Johann Karl

Preserving and systematization

All the documented information is entered into the I-DOC database. Since 2018 we have entered information about:


incidents with signs of war crimes

What is  I-DOC and why is that important?

The evidence gathered is entered into the I-DOC data base, a tool for working with evidence related to serious human rights and international criminal law violations.

After a document is imported into the data base, the facts from this document are recorded in forms belonging to various categories and groups. I-DOC contains not only detailed information on the circumstances of potential war crimes, victims, and witnesses, as well as on persons suspected of committing these crimes, but also is a robust analytical tool enabling to rapidly link stand-alone events with the persons involved in them.

Unlike other data bases I-DOC provides capabilities to build criminal cases in linked with the international criminal law. The data base was developed using the experiences of the ICC international crime investigations, its architecture echoes the logic of actions in such investigations.


identified war crimes victims.

Документатори Truth Hounds опитують свідка у Петрушині на Чернігівщині.

Фото: Daniel Rosenthal

Working with
actors of justice

We liaise with the representatives of the prosecution office, the National police investigators, the Security Service of Ukraine and the judiciary. This cooperation is aimed to improve the quality of official investigations and to advance justice through:

Training and Mentorship

Unification of prosecution strategies

Expanding and Strengthening Evidence

Training of Judges

Participating in Investigative Actions

Truth Hounds are continuously liaising with foreign prosecutors and investigators regarding the cases that could be opened on the basis of one of the extraterritorial jurisdiction principles.

We also provide consultations to foreign Governments on present challenges and prospects of war crimes documentation and investigations, as well as the prosecution of perpetrators.

Фото очевидиці події, зроблене близько 11-ї ранку 16.03.2022 (одразу після обстрілу)

Фото: Truth Hounds


We deliver trainings for Ukrainian prosecutors, investigators, judges, and human rights activists who deal with war crimes.

Since 2018 we have delivered


trainings, educational events and lectures on international humanitarian law, documentation methods and international crime investigations.

Owing to robust collaboration we have an opportunity to track further education progress of the Ukrainian law enforcement officers in the field of international humanitarian law and international crime prosecution.

Cases prepared and analysed by Truth Hounds are a major part of war crimes prosecutors` and investigators` portfolios.

We communicate with the prosecution authorities almost every day. We became their key advisors in certain areas related to war crimes.

Truth Hounds документують наслідки обстрілу школи у Солончаках, що на Миколаївщині.

Фото: Truth Hounds

Board members

Simon Papuashvili

International human rights specialist, international lawyer. Actively promotes human rights in his native South Caucasus region since 2001.Was engaged in documentation of human rights violations committed during the armed conflict between Russia and Georgia.

Olexandra Delemenchuk

Experienced human rights activist and co-founder of the Tbilisi City Shelter, safety coach in the organization Frontline defenders, adviser in the organization Center for Participation and Development, and advocacy specialist at the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on Human Rights.

Aage Borchgrevink

Senior Advisor in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Has a Master’s degree in literature and is the author of several books, including “The Invisible War” about Chechnya.

Alex Prezanti

Partner in Global Diligence and a legal adviser specialising in international criminal law and human rights.He specialises in evidential analysis in large complex cases, legal drafting and strategic litigation.

Yaropolk Brynykh

Co-founder of Truth Hounds, war crimes documentor, regional coordinator at Freedom House, member of the Sakharov international Human Rights group.

Svitlana Valko

Head of the Board. Co-founder and Truth Hounds Office Director in Georgia. Field mission manager in IPHR-Truth Hounds in Ukraine for a long period of time. The qualified coach on human rights, advocacy coordinator of the Truth Hounds


Roman Avramenko

Co-founder and Executive director. Field researcher.

Dmytro Koval

Legal director, field researcher. PhD in law.

Maryna Slobodyanuk

Head of Analytical department, project manager and field researcher.

Roman Koval

Head of Communications, project manager and field researcher.

Anton Kolotylo

Design director

Tetiana Karpiuk

Project manager, field researcher

Bohdan Kosohat`ko

Investigator, field researcher

Vladyslav Chyryk

Investigator, field researcher

Olena Prokopyshyna


Iryna Zaloha

Communications manager

Lera Rezanova


Nick Yurlov

Senior legal counsel

Zera Kozlyieva

Senior legal counsel

Valentyn Bailo

Database analyst

Narhuzel Abibulaieva

Database analyst

Olha Bereziuk

Database analyst

Yaroslav Susoiev

Database analyst, field researcher

Halyna Avramenko

Database supervisor

Olha Kulyk


Varvara Yankovska


Yuriy Uhryn


Andrii Uhryn


Alina Semenova


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Field researchers

Документатори працюють у зонах, небезпечних для життя та здоров’я, тому ми приховуємо їх імена та обличчя

Field Researcher #22-14-001

Field Researcher #22-14-002

Field Researcher #22-14-003

Field Researcher #22-14-004

Field Researcher #22-14-005

Field Researcher #22-14-006

Field Researcher #22-22-009


Field Researcher #22-22-011


Field Researcher #22-22-012

The seventh

Field Researcher #22-20-007


Field Researcher #22-22-013


Field Researcher #22-22-014


Field Researcher #22-22-015


Field Researcher #22-22-016

Field Researcher #22-22-017


Field Researcher #22-22-019

Field Researcher #22-23-020


Field Researcher #22-22-022


Field Researcher #22-23-023

Field Researcher #22-22-024

Field Researcher Orest Kinash


Died while defending Ukraine

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