The Land-Water project created with the support of ARTIФ platform combines two short documentaries about land and water, and the Rioni Valley and its unique ecosystem. The protagonist of the film, Maka Suladze, is one of the three women who, in addition to participating in protests, are protesting in court against the permit to build the Namakhvani HPP. The film tells the story of land and water – the world where Maka lives and the one she defends.

By late November 2020, it has been almost a month that people from Lechkhumi, Georgia, held a permanent protest against the construction of Namakhvani HPP which is planned to be built on the Rioni river. The power plant will flood the villages, threaten biodiversity and, if injured, create serious threats for a big part of west Georgia, according to seismologists.The reports about environmental and social impact of the project are not sufficient, however, the company was still granted the permission to start the preliminary construction works.
Authors: Nino Gogua, Eka Tsotsoria
The films were created in collaboration with Green Alternative NGO and with the financial support of ARTIФ Platform | Truth Hounds Georgia.