The Bygone Song


«Ашӯлаи кӯтоҳ» // «Минуща пісня» (‘The Bygone Song’) is a collaboration of a composer from Tajikistan, Shohin Qurbonov and a human rights defender from Ukraine, Halyna Vrublevskaya.

In the world of information, the war exists mostly as stories of politicians and the military. The project authors disagree. They believe that the main characters of every war are local civilians whose voices tend to get lost. Activists attempt to listen carefully to the stories that civilians in war-affected environments have to tell. However, those having worked with or carefully followed events in war-affected environments for prolonged periods tend to experience difficulties in coping with never-ending cruelty and eventually lose empathy.

The «Ашӯлаи кӯтоҳ» // «Минуща пісня» (‘Bygone Song’) project brings the voices of civilians affected by war back to the discussion through music. The project would like to show that war is less about borders and politics and more about the people.

The authors will create an experiments music album, compiled from field recordings from war-affected regions carefully collected by Halyna. The team will publish this album on various platforms and hold a series of performances to draw the public’s attention to the issue.