War crimes 05/05 – 18/05


During the reporting period, Russian occupying forces continued the mass theft of grain and
other foodstuffs in the oblasts of Kherson, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhzhia. There were fresh reports
of hundreds of dead civilians buried by Russian soldiers in mass graves near Mariupol. In
Mariupol, Russian forces blocked the evacuation of circa 600 wounded Ukrainian soldiers from
the Azovstal steel plant. There were new recorded instances of sexual violence, torture, and
killings of civilians in the oblasts of Kharkiv and Kyiv – while they were under Russian
occupation – and in the occupied Kherson Oblast. The Russian military seek out, detain, and –
in some cases – kill Ukrainian veterans that fought in the Donbas. Russian forces continued to
bombard eastern regions of Ukraine, pillage private and public property, and detain and deport

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