War Crimes: an Investigative Methodology for NGOs


This reference book is intended to help representatives of NGOs documenting war crimes respond to armed conflict. In addition, it will help organisations interested in promoting the investigation of war crimes committed in Ukraine while working in foreign jurisdictions, based on the principle of universal jurisdiction. The reference book offers a brief overview of international humanitarian law and Ukrainian criminal law relating to war crimes.

In addition, the reference book offers a list of circumstances that must be ascertained during the inspection of a location where a war crime is believed to have been committed. Here you can find guidance on securing the scene and preserving data that may be important in later stages of incident investigation or recovery planning. The reference book also offers practical tips for collecting photographic and video evidence of capturing the aftermath of shelling.

The purpose of this reference book is to provide basic guidance on the professional documentation of war crimes cases, both for keeping track and logging these incidents and for building the capacity of specialised organizations to investigate and establish cases of violations of international humanitarian law. In addition, the reference book also aims to offer specialised organisations guidance on the principle of universal jurisdiction and the preparation of such cases for the investigation and subsequent prosecution of potential perpetrators in foreign jurisdictions.