Your own worst enemy

From the very beginning, the Russian Federation’s fresh wave of armed aggression against Ukraine has been accompanied by  various violations of international humanitarian law (IHL), repeatedly reported by Truth Hounds and other organisations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The latter, in a note published even before 24 February, noted: “The history of [Russian] military interventions, whether in Ukraine or Syria, or a military campaign on its own territory in Chechnya, is marked by blatant disrespect of the IHL. The Russian military has repeatedly violated the laws and customs of war without protecting civilians,
having directly attacked them. Russian forces have carried out indiscriminate attacks, using illicit weapons, and sometimes deliberately attacking civilians, which constitutes a war crime.”
Regrettably, Russia’s recent military conduct has proven true to form. During the first two months of the war, Truth Hounds received information indicating the possible commission of almost all war crimes listed in the Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) by the Russian military.
The extent and typology of violations of international humanitarian law by Russian forces suggests the existence of systemic reasons for such a total disregard for the laws and customs of war. In this report, Truth Hounds experts analyse how Russia has tried to justify the necessity of launching its invasion and how it instructs its military forces regarding goals, principles, and methods of warfare.

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