Human rights is like jazz…

ARTIФ is a platform based in Tbilisi where art and human rights meet to enrich a public perspective on pressing social issues and to create a more inclusive and equitable society. We do it gently: we educate, connect, and create spaces for sharing knowledge among groups and individuals from different disciplines.


How this works?

  • We bring together artists, human rights defenders, and activists from different regions and backgrounds;
  • We create a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and development of art projects reflecting on contemporary human rights issues;
  • We trigger public reaction and facilitate a dialogue between activists and decision-makers;
  • We inspire and support other creative initiatives.

Art As a Tool for Social Change

The Untitled Gallery is a Tbilisi-based art space that aims to improve the social environment in the South Caucasus through its art scene. Together with the support of civil society activists, the Untitled is hosting numerous exhibitions and other educational and cultural activities. We’ve spoken to a co-founder of the Untitled Gallery, Giorgi Rodionov, to

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