Human rights is like jazz…

ARTIФ is a platform based in Tbilisi where art and human rights meet to enrich a public perspective on pressing social issues and to create a more inclusive and equitable society. We do it gently: we educate, connect, and create spaces for sharing knowledge among groups and individuals from different disciplines.


How this works?

  • We bring together artists, human rights defenders, and activists from different regions and backgrounds;
  • We create a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and development of art projects reflecting on contemporary human rights issues;
  • We trigger public reaction and facilitate a dialogue between activists and decision-makers;
  • We inspire and support other creative initiatives.

The Bygone Song

«Ашӯлаи кӯтоҳ» // «Минуща пісня» (‘The Bygone Song’) is a collaboration of a composer from Tajikistan, Shohin Qurbonov and a human rights defender from Ukraine,

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