Human rights is like jazz…

ARTIФ is a platform based in Tbilisi where art and human rights meet to enrich a public perspective on pressing social issues and to create a more inclusive and equitable society. We do it gently: we educate, connect, and create spaces for sharing knowledge among groups and individuals from different disciplines.


How this works?

  • We bring together artists, human rights defenders, and activists from different regions and backgrounds;
  • We create a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and development of art projects reflecting on contemporary human rights issues;
  • We trigger public reaction and facilitate a dialogue between activists and decision-makers;
  • We inspire and support other creative initiatives.

From ARTIФ to – a story of Nino Bolkvadze

Nino Bolkvadze is a human rights defender, lawyer and LGBTQI rights activist from Tbilisi. In 2020, Nino became one of the participants in the ARTIФ workshop, where, together with the artist Koka Kitiashvili, she created the project “A Postcard for a Parliamentarian”. Nino told us about her path to art in activism, participation in ARTIФ,

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The Bygone Song

«Ашӯлаи кӯтоҳ» // «Минуща пісня» (‘The Bygone Song’) is a collaboration of a composer from Tajikistan, Shohin Qurbonov and a human rights defender from Ukraine, Halyna Vrublevskaya. In the world of information, the war exists mostly as stories of politicians and the military. The project authors disagree. They believe that the main characters of every

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Land-Water: A Georgian Documentary to Save the Rioni Valley

The Land-Water project created with the support of ARTIФ platform combines two short documentaries about land and water, and the Rioni Valley and its unique ecosystem. The protagonist of the film, Maka Suladze, is one of the three women who, in addition to participating in protests, are protesting in court against the permit to build

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Interview with Marichka Yurchak

The ARTIФ team had spoken to Marichka Yurchak, a young artist and art researcher from Ternopil, western Ukraine. During the quarantine, Marichka directed her attention to social topics and in the framework of the ARTIФ workshop developed a concept of a performance on gender inequality and the role of women in Kyrgyz society, jointly with

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Interview with Natalia Vatsadze

Hello, Natalia! Please, tell us about your projects and activities. Hello, my name is Natalia Vatsadze. I am an artist and independent curator and one of the founders and members of the artistic collective Bouillon. My artistic research and curatorial work is devoted to performances and socially engaged art in post-soviet reality. I am one

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Interview with Lex Titova

The ARTIФ team had spoken to Lex Titova, an amateur artist from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Lex works with various social topics that are on daily agenda in her country. Right now, she is creating illustrations for several projects concerning domestic violence. Lex took part in the first workshop by ARTIФ where in collaboration with a human

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